Sustainable surfing - How BOXIO can change your next surf trip

Nachhaltiges Surfen - Wie BOXIO deinen nächsten Surftrip verändern kann

Most surfers in the DACH region do not live by the sea; they are therefore "landlocked". What does that mean for us? For landlocked surfers in particular, this often means increased environmental pollution. Since they are not based locally, they often have to drive hundreds of kilometers to the nearest surf spots, mostly by car or van. They are always guests in the places they visit and prefer to sleep in nature - a lifestyle that also brings with it responsibility.

Since surfing is a natural sport and everyone has the right to practice it, it is important to behave sustainably. Here are some solutions and tips to avoid mistakes on your next surfing trip.

Of course, it is important to first familiarize yourself with the rules of surfing! If you still need to catch up a bit, we recommend that you take a look at the Surfcompanions !

BOXIO - TOILET MAX+ Separating toilet complete set

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BOXIO - TOILET MAX+ Separating toilet complete set

5 tips on how to live up to this responsibility in vanlife:

1. Own toilet on board! We recommend a dry separation toilet like our BOXIO - Toilet .

One of the main reasons for closing off campsites by the sea is that many vehicles cannot stand independently. This is because they often resort to the surrounding bushes to go to the toilet. The resulting odor and environmental pollution is harmful to most communities and cities. The logical consequence is the closure of these sites to campervans. Therefore, a private toilet, such as the Boxio toilet, is a helpful product to avoid this problem.

2. Conscious camping: Not every place is suitable for wild camping.

Use apps such as Parkfornight or similar to find out where camping with a van is allowed. Don't park directly at surfing hotspots, on the coast or in a residential area. In most areas there are parking lots where free parking is permitted. Ask the local people or look online or using suitable apps.

3. Avoid garbage and wastewater! If you do not have your own water system, we recommend our mobile wash basin, the BOXIO - Wash .

When washing up, non-biodegradable detergent and various food scraps often end up in the environment. To counteract this, you can use our mobile sink. With this sink, you can easily dispose of waste water and food scraps. The waste water tank can simply be emptied in designated places after washing up.

4. Free pitches are not campsites!

Be aware that free pitches are not like campsites and behave accordingly. This means that no chairs or tables should be put out. Clotheslines should also be hung up in the campervan in an emergency.

5. Considerate camping: No music!

Be considerate of nature, but also of other campers, and make sure that you do not cause noise pollution. Loud music in nature is not appreciated.

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BOXIO - SANITARY: Complete set with urine-diverting toilet, mobile washbasin and accessories

Vanlife and surfing: a perfect combination?

Many surfers stay in their cars or vans when they travel. There are three main reasons for this: it is cheaper than hotels or Airbnbs, it allows the flexibility to explore different surf spots, and you can sleep right by the sea to be the first to enjoy the waves. But this boom, exacerbated by the Corona pandemic, also has its downsides. Overcrowded parking spaces, too many surfers in the water and the resulting tensions with local surfers and residents often lead to closed spots and limited surfing pleasure.

If you haven’t had enough of this topic, you can listen to the podcast about the film here:

    BOXIO: Your partner for sustainable surfing

    With BOXIO you can minimize your carbon footprint while enjoying surfing to the fullest. Our products are designed to be eco-friendly and practical so you can enjoy your surf trip without leaving a trace. Discover our solutions for a more sustainable vanlife and help protect and preserve the places we love.

    Your Boxio Team

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    BOXIO - WASH PLUS - Washbasin starter set

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