Single stainless steel tap

Stainless steel tap for BOXIO - WASH

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Separating insert

With our high divider, the newly designed divider insert ensures the optimum ratio between compact installation space and secure separation.

Urine canister 5l

Large capacity for many uses and large opening for easy disposal


Solids container 5.7l

Thanks to our optimally sized solids container, you can relax and use sustainable compostable bags for the solids


Sealing lid

If required, you can close our solid waste container completely airtight and odor-proof after use


Screw cap

The BOXIO TOILET comes with 2 lids. One open with a rubber membrane for use and another to close the urine canister completely odorless and leak-proof after use. Alternatively, our practical plug can also be used for this purpose.

How is the BOXIO structured?

The classic dry separation toilet consists of three components: the separation insert, the solids container and the drink canister. Other accessories include, for example, compostable bags and litter for the solids to be perfectly equipped for the upcoming trip with your van.

Technical data

Length: 400 mm

Width: 300 mm

Height: 280 mm

Weight: 2.8 kg